Welcome to The Centre for Albanian Studies

The Centre for Albanian Studies is a London-based charity. The aim of the Centre for Albanian Studies (CAS) is to inform and educate people in the United Kingdom and other Western countries about the Albanian culture, history, current affairs and politics. The goals of the CAS are to publish books, pamphlets and to also organise conferences and seminars relating to Albania, Kosova and Albanian speaking world. CAS is not politically biased and does not produce propagandistic material.
To achieve our goals we depend entirely on funding and private donations. We have many projects in various stages of development ( see below) and are continuously seeking funds to complete them. Your help is needed more than ever.
We are proud to be working with London based I.B. Tauris publishers. This means that our books will be widely distributed and available in bookshops across the globe. Although, the relationship with I.B Tauris has enabled us to go this far, we still need help with printing costs and other project related costs to be able to publish more books.
Please help us by donating to the Centre directly. The contact details and information on how to do that are on the donations page.
You can also help us by becoming a member of the Centre for Albanian Studies. The membership form and more information about the benefits of being a member are on the membership page. Page
Many thanks for your continuous help.
Alexander Duma , Chairman